New Year's Eve 1987: Alma-Tadema, A Reading from HomerNew Year's Eve 1988: Copley, Watson and the SharkNew Year's Eve 1989: Renoir, Luncheon of the Boating PartyNew Year's Eve 1990: David, The Death of SocratesNew Year's Eve 1995: Benton, Poker Night from A Streetcar Named DesireNew Year's Eve 1996: Hopper, People in the SunNew Year's Eve 1998: Suket, Shrine of Vishnu and LakshmiNew Year's Eve 2000: Steen, Twelfth NightNew Year's Eve 2002: Sargent, El JaleoNew Year's Eve 2003: Matsys, Ecce HomoNew Year's Eve 2004: Rivera, Dream of  Sunday Afternoon in the AlamedaNew Year's Eve 2005: Delacroix, Algerian Women in their ApartmentsNew Year's Eve 2006: Duccio, The Last SupperNew Year's Eve 2007: Alma-Tadema, A Reading from Homer (Second Generation)All Photographs-photos